Surface Preparation

Scale / Marine Growth

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Depending on the scope of work, cleaning / surface preparation can be required to allow close visual inspection or successful collection of ultrasonic wall thickness data.

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We have established working relationships with suppliers of a range of specialist cleaning solutions. This provides us with greater equipment availability and access to expertise which we can call on when dealing with the most challenging cleaning requirements to ensure optimum inspection conditions. Cleaning and surface preparation is managed by our own personnel to ensure an effective and efficient delivery.

With a strong commitment to providing clients’ with the latest in best-fit technologies, combined with our highly trained operatives and specialist equipment, AISUS ensures that our teams have the knowledge, experience, and technological resources to safely and efficiently complete asset integrity cleaning or descaling operations to client requirements in a diverse range of industrial contexts. 

We continually invest in our own suite of tailored jetting equipment to ensure maximum cleaning performance and reduced duration's for removing scale / marine growth.

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We offer a suite of remote inspection solutions which have been designed to solve key industry challenges, across topsides, substructure and subsea infrastructure.

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