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Drawing upon our extensive experience of inspecting substructure items including caissons, risers and j-tubes, we have developed a suite of tools for a range of visual and ultrasonic inspection capabilities, across topsides and subsea.

Retrieval Application Solutions

We like to ask questions and hear about your challenges. Understanding our clients' problems allows us to design and package services that will address their needs in a quick and cost-effective way, without ever compromising on safety.

Our aim is to understand your problem, design a solution and give you the confidence to let us take it off your hands and deliver clear, repeatable results.

AISUS engineers have extensive experience in the planning and implementation for these types of projects including automated NDT systems, hydraulic retrieval tools and crawler driven tractor units.

With several ‘off the shelf’ tools available for customisation and all stages of new tooling projects being managed in-house, AISUS can offer a fast turnaround on bespoke solutions to minimise downtime of the affected plant and get you the necessary inspection results as soon as possible.

Related Capabilities

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We offer a suite of remote inspection solutions which have been designed to solve key industry challenges, across topsides, substructure and subsea infrastructure.

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