Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Cleaning & Surface Preparation

Specialist Cleaning.

We work closely with a number of suppliers to offer a range of specialist cleaning solutions. This provides us with greater equipment availability and access to expertise which we can call upon to tackle challenging cleaning requirements and ensure optimum inspection conditions. Cleaning and surface preparation is managed by our own personnel to deliver effective and efficient results.

Hp Cleaning1Cleaning Surface Prep

High Pressure (HP) cleaning is typically utilised to provide a clean surface free from loose debris, marine growth and corrosion products. Depending on the scope of work, this service can either be utilised for general pipe cleaning or when required to allow close visual inspection or successful collection of ultrasonic data, cleaning would be completed to a standard comparable to SA2 (described in the ISO 8501-1:2007 surface preparation standard).

High pressure cleaning is generally used for caisson cleaning, this apparatus can operate at pressures between 6,000 psi and 15,000 psi. Jetting pressure will be adjusted following an initial visual inspection to ensure suitable cleaning and to ensure no damage is caused to any coating or to the material.

AISUS have established an agreement with one of the largest suppliers of high pressure water jetting equipment, as well as some specialist cleaning solutions providers. This allows greater equipment availability and access to expertise which can support us in addressing the most cleaning challenges. Options including Ultra High Pressure (UHP), High Flow units and Aqua milling solutions are ideal for more complex cleaning and inspection scopes e.g. coating removal (including neoprene), debris retrieval, removing the majority of well bonded scale variations, longer inspection lengths and / or for negotiating bends.

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We offer a suite of remote inspection solutions which have been designed to solve key industry challenges, across topsides, substructure and subsea infrastructure.

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