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AISUS is an innovation driven company providing remote inspection solutions. Our engineers have extensive experience in the planning and implementation of these types of projects. We are able to carry out each stage of the design and development process in-house, allowing for a quick and efficient turn-around.

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Focused on delivering accurate and repeatable inspection results, AISUS’ core services include ultrasonic inspection, visual inspection, object retrieval and fluid sampling solutions. To assist with the delivery of these services, our expert team has the capability and experience to design bespoke solutions for a variety of challenging inspection and retrieval projects.

Working to our client’s specifications and agreed concept, our team provide a complete bespoke tooling package from design, manufacture and testing, through to installation and field deployment.

In-house Specialists.

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AISUS engineers have extensive experience in the planning and implementation for these types of projects including automated NDT systems, hydraulic retrieval tools and crawler driven tractor units.

With several ‘off the shelf’ tools available for customisation and all stages of new tooling projects being managed in-house, AISUS can offer a fast turnaround on bespoke solutions to minimise downtime of the affected plant.

AISUS has developed expertise in automating inspection techniques as a result of heavy investment in research & development and by nurturing a team of talented engineers. Precision components are selected and incorporated into multiple axis inspection systems, all of which are thoroughly tested at our onshore facility.

Advanced software is developed to provide a robust user interface, with simulation of the automation included where required.

The preferred method of automation is an all-electric solution, however hydraulics can also be integrated as appropriate.

AISUS maintain a comprehensive equipment inventory of cabling, motion control and data acquisition equipment, enabling solutions to be developed rapidly, and delivered in tight timeframes.


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We offer a suite of remote inspection solutions which have been designed to solve key industry challenges, across topsides, substructure and subsea infrastructure.

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