Successful J-Tube inspection campaign in the Mediterranean Sea

Case study

Drilling rig pathwalk

AISUS was tasked by a client to carry out Internal Visual Inspection on a series of J-Tubes in the Mediterranean Sea.

The client approached AISUS to provide the bespoke tooling and deployment expertise required to carry out inspections in J-Tubes with multiple diameters. AISUS provided an adjustable crawler system to cater for these changes in diameter.

Experienced and competent engineers were deployed to complete an Internal Visual Inspection on a series of J-Tubes in order for the client to assess the condition of the installed messenger lines, the general condition of sidewalls and the level of cleanliness. The additional purpose of the scope was to report any features, blockages, ID changes, wall loss defects, corrosion/scale and any other anomalies during the inspection.

AISUS identified the messenger lines were joined with bulldog clips, rather than being continuous length of wire. Early identification of the joints ensured that the messenger line could be managed during retrieval and future costs were minimised, with planning for retrieval being completed in advance.

The AISUS team successfully and efficiently integrated with the client’s team, working alongside on all aspects of the overall project. This flexible approach minimised mobilisation costs and transit times for the client, all contributing to the overall success of the project.

The inspection was deemed a great success by the client, who were extremely pleased with not only the visual inspection itself, but also the flexible approach that AISUS applied to the scope, and the high level of detail and quality of the inspection data provided.

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