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Remote Inspection Technology.

AISUS pioneer remote inspection technologies and create industry leading service solutions for clients across the globe.

At our core, we are driven by a commitment to providing the best inspection solutions for often challenging operational environments. This means that if an existing tool is not the answer then we will design and develop one that is.

Our Services


Remote Ultrasonic Inspection

We use Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) testing as a fast and reliable method to obtain accurate measurements from pipework and structures.
Inspection lens in gold frame

Remote Visual Inspection

We use a range of remotely deployed cameras and crawler systems to carry-out general and close visual inspections on pipework and structures.​
Cleaning surface for preparation

Cleaning & Surface Preparation

AISUS offer a range of specialist cleaning solutions tackling challenging cleaning requirements
Design schematic in blueprint

Design & Engineering

We have an in-house design and development team that can manufacture bespoke tooling for challenging inspection and cleaning projects.
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Reporting & Analysis

​The range of camera systems and ultrasonic scanning tools we use provide the highest quality data.
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Application Solutions

​​We have a range of ‘off the shelf’ tools that can also be customised for certain requirements.​

Our Clients

Featured Tools

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SIRIUS® Series

Remotely controlled internally deployed ultrasonic thickness corrosion mapping tools.
Scorpius product image 1


Scorpius is a remotely controlled Ultrasonic Thickness Corrosion Mapping tool, designed specifically with J-Tube inspection in mind.
Tauri product image 1


Tauri is AISUS’ smallest diameter UT inspection internal pipe scanner at just 75mm (3″) in diameter.

Recent Case Studies

Remote Visual Inspection & Fluid Sampling

AISUS were approached by a current client of ours to provide Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) and Fluid Sampling in various carrier caissons.
Crew staring to the sea

International J-Tube Inspection Campaign & Messenger Line Installations

AISUS completes a full J-Tube inspection campaign and messenger line installations for an international client.
Debris Retrieval

Unblocking, Debris Retrieval And Coating Removal Project in the North Sea

AISUS successfully completes unblocking, debris retrieval and coating removal in the UK North Sea.