Expect More.

We pioneer remote inspection technologies and create industry leading service solutions for clients across the globe.

Expect Innovation.

At our core, we are driven by a commitment to providing the best inspection solution for often challenging operational environments. This means that if an existing tool is not the answer then we will design and develop one that is.

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Challenging Environments.

With our team of experienced engineers, we create bespoke solutions for challenging inspection requirements which address clients needs in an efficient and cost-effective way, without ever compromising on safety.

Proven Experience.

We have the capabilities for varying inspection requirements. Our services, our teams, our skills and experience are transferable across multiple industries to solve inspection challenges and ensure integrity maintenance.

Expect Integrity.

We are a solutions driven team of experienced engineers.

The combination of our vast industry experience and innovative technologies is what makes us different and provides our clients with the best results.  It’s also what has secured us a strong reputation for operational excellence and a track record for high quality, successful delivery.

Expect Solutions.

We never compromise on the quality of inspection data and with our team of experienced engineers, our investment in research and design and our onshore test facility we can create bespoke solutions for any inspection requirement, to address integrity maintenance at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

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