J-Tube Inspection

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As offshore assets are going beyond their intended design life then the integrity of subsea structures in particular riser and J-Tubes becomes more critical. It is a common practice in the offshore industry to use J-Tubes as a method of installation of small diameter flowlines, electrical cables or pipeline bundles.  As connecting a small diameter pipeline to the topside facilities through a small diameter riser is not very convenient in terms of supports.

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To overcome difficulties of installation and protection, small diameter pipelines / cables are installed by pulling-in through J-tubes are now being used for housing umbilicals.

AISUS is the market leader in advanced automated deployment ultrasonic solutions for internal J-Tube inspections. AISUS developed inspection systems that reliably perform throughout, to obtain repeatable, accurate and consistent data which provides clients with industry leading inspection results.

Utilising our vast knowledge and awareness, AISUS designed and manufactured several unique internal ultrasonic scanners, which includes “SCORPIUS” a gravity feed or crawler driven scanner which is controlled by a topside controller and can manoeuvre past bends and traverse along horizontal sections.

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We offer a suite of remote inspection solutions which have been designed to solve key industry challenges, across topsides, substructure and subsea infrastructure.

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