Marine Drilling Riser

Advanced Inspection Services


As inspection specialists, we work with OEM’s, rig owners & repair and maintenance facilities delivering quick and accurate inspection of marine drilling riser wall thickness, weld integrity and riser fasteners - without removing buoyancy or stripping components.


Our compact tool design enables fast and easy to set up, eliminating large, complicated tool packages, that are difficult to transport and operate.

Saving costs and time with innovative integrated inspection of your drilling riser system. This is achieved by the elimination of complex removal of the buoyancy, coatings & disassembly of the riser.


A unique set of benefits unavailable from any other inspection source completely changing the way marine drilling riser inspections and certifications are performed.

  • Schedule based inspections – between well, annual, five & ten yearly
  • Automated main tube & auxiliary line inspection
  • Automated circumference scanning
  • Flange to pipe & pipe to pipe welds, TOFD & PAUT inspections
  • Riser & BOP bolt inspection – in situ no need to remove
  • Complies with industry-standard codes and recommended practices
  • Condition Based Maintenance programme “CBM”
  • Data management supporting CBM with accurate data storage and comparison
  • Survey onshore or offshore
  • Horizontally stacked inspections – reduced lifts
  • Improved Inspection using advanced techniques
  • A more comprehensive inspection with greater accuracy of results
  • Digitally recorded results and images for future comparison
  • Greater repeatability for trending
  • Graphic displays for easier interpretation
  • HP & UHP Cleaning



Find out how our Independent Riser Inspection Programme can add value whilst saving costs.  We can deploy inspections meeting class requirements, either onboard or on-site, utilising advanced inspection techniques and state of art solutions, to provide an unparalleled riser inspection service.

More Products

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SIRIUS® Series

Remotely controlled internally deployed ultrasonic thickness corrosion mapping tools.
Scorpius product image 1


Scorpius is a remotely controlled Ultrasonic Thickness Corrosion Mapping tool, designed specifically with J-Tube inspection in mind.
Tauri product image 1


Tauri is AISUS’ smallest diameter UT inspection internal pipe scanner at just 75mm (3″) in diameter.