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We Reduce Risk

We provide the answers to some of the offshore energy industry’s biggest challenges with a focus upon integrity and safety.

We’re trusted by operators and tier-one suppliers across the global offshore energy industry to challenge the conventional.

Our highly experienced and respected design and engineering teams are committed to developing the tools and products required to support challenging offshore projects across a constantly evolving industry.


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External Inspection

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J-Tube Inspection

AISUS the market leader in advanced automated deployment ultrasonic systems for internal J-Tube inspections.
Caisson in action

Caisson Inspection

AISUS deliver a comprehensive inspection within all types of caisson.

Marine Drilling Riser

Class inspections either onboard or on-site, advanced inspection techniques and state of art solutions, to provide an unparalleled riser inspection service.
Riser inspection

Riser Inspection

Advanced automated deployment ultrasonic systems for internal Riser inspections.
Hazardous Fluid Sampling

Topside Pipework Inspection

AISUS utilise state-of-the-art camera systems to provide inspection solutions for a variety of applications.
Fluid sampling image

Fluid Sampling

Utilising an in-house designed fluid sampling tool, AISUS can collect fluid samples from within pipework for detailed analysis.
Conductor inspection

Conductor Inspection

AISUS developed inspection systems that reliably perform throughout, to obtain repeatable, accurate and consistent data.
Retrieving debris

Debris Retrieval

AISUS has the capability and experience designing bespoke tools for retrieving foreign or domestic objects / debris.