Debris Retrieval

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Debris recovered
Debris retrieval task

Due to aging assets and poor maintenance, deterioration and failure of pump strings within caissons has become a significant problem for the past number of years and is regarded as a major dropped object risk to subsea structures. Recent near misses have confirmed this concern and drawn further attention from the HSE.

Debris recovered
Debris retrieval task

AISUS has the capability and experience to design bespoke tools for retrieving foreign or domestic objects / debris. The team allows us to provide a complete bespoke tooling package from design to implementation solutions.

AISUS engineers have extensive experience in the planning and implementation for these types of projects including the retrieval of anti fouling units, pump sections, anodes and various other debris items.

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SIRIUS® Series

Remotely controlled internally deployed ultrasonic thickness corrosion mapping tools.
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Scorpius is a remotely controlled Ultrasonic Thickness Corrosion Mapping tool, designed specifically with J-Tube inspection in mind.
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Tauri is AISUS’ smallest diameter UT inspection internal pipe scanner at just 75mm (3″) in diameter.