Fluid Sampling

Expect Results.

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Fluid sampling green

Utilising our fluid sampling tool Hydrus, AISUS can collect fluid samples from within pipework for detailed analysis.

Hydrus product image 1
Fluid sampling green

The flexible nature of the sampling tool allows it to capture samples from pre-determined depths. The unique design of the tool, and operational procedures ensure there is negligible sample contamination.

AISUS can combine visual inspection with sampling, which is particularly effective for the inspection of Hydrocarbon Riser (Carrier) Caissons. Visual inspection is completed on riser externals and carrier caisson internals, along with fluid sampling, allowing our clients to manage the annulus contents.

This combined service provides the required information to determine a suitable and sufficient integrity management strategy for such riser systems.

Samples can test for:

  • Testing for SRB (Sulphate-reducing bacteria)
  • Testing for GHB (General heterotrophic bacteria)
  • Fluid identification testing
  • Chemical analysis (pH, Sulphide, Iron)