AISUS launches SIRIUS-X tool for enhanced offshore inspection


Remote offshore inspection tool SIRIUS-X is launched.


Aberdeen-based AISUS has invested a six-figure sum in upgrading and developing cutting edge inspection technology as it looks to further broaden its range of services and increase its geographical reach to provide its customers with the most efficient, cost-effective technological solutions.

AISUS has launched an improved internal gravity deployed ultrasonic scanning tool, SIRIUS-X, for completing ultrasonic corrosion mapping within offshore caissons, risers and conductors.

Following successful field trials, it recently completed its first caisson inspection program for a major UK oil and gas operator. The projects were completed in 14 days and included internal inspection of the largest diameter caisson AISUS has delivered to date.

The SIRIUS-X is controlled from the topside, allowing inspection data to be captured above, within and below a variety of obstacles and diameter variations commonly encountered within caissons, without removing the tool.

It has been developed to maximize data accuracy and minimize the duration of inspections to meet the increasing demands of the offshore industry. Featuring a high torque rotary drive and a scanning speed of up to five m/hr, its small cross-sectional footprint with minimal hydro-dynamic drag also allows it to perform during elevated sea states.

The SIRIUS-X’s simplified and lightweight design means it can be easily configured and adapted in-field where required, further limiting the duration of offshore inspections and reducing costs. It can be deployed to depths of up to 200 m and adjusted for a range of caisson sizes, from 14 in. to 60 in., at the touch of a button.

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