Andrew’s International Journey: Strengthening AISUS’ Presence in Qatar


Exciting News! Andrew, with his bags packed in eager anticipation, is embarking on a significant transition to Qatar next week. His new role as the Region Technical Lead for AISUS marks a pivotal moment for both him and the company. With responsibilities ranging from overseeing all offshore inspections, to assisting with onshore controls and contributing to marketing efforts, Andrew’s expertise promises to elevate AISUS’ triumph within this region.

AISUS, a global leader in remote inspection technologies, has been pioneering inspection service solutions for clients worldwide, notably across the Middle East. With Andrew’s relocation, the company aims to further embed contact with Qatar and enhance our service offerings within this region.

Andrew’s appointment not only signifies a personal milestone in his career but also represents AISUS’ commitment to international development. By establishing a direct point of contact for existing clients in this region, Andrew will facilitate smoother communication and bolster client relations. Moreover, his role in managing the team ensures seamless delivery of services, aligning with AISUS’ reputation for excellence.

As Andrew embarks on this new chapter, his journey highlights AISUS’ dedication to innovation, expansion, and delivering unparalleled solutions to clients worldwide. With his expertise and leadership, AISUS is confident for continued success and growth in Qatar and beyond.