Inspiring Story: Women in STEM


Hayley became a valuable member of the AISUS team in 2023, where she dedicated her expertise as a Jetting Engineer, following her Mechanical Engineering qualifications and experiences over the years.


Since she came on board, Hayley has undertaken two offshore projects during her time with AISUS and shares her inspiring story, uncovering the driving force behind her career focus on mechanics.



“I can’t deny that even in 2024, it’s still relatively unusual to find women in my line of work. Throughout my career, there has rarely been more than one or two of us in any workshop.

“So what was it that got me interested in the subject in the first place? It’s hard to pinpoint, but I think having two older brothers who were really into their cars undoubtedly influenced me, and having a dad in the offshore industry also made me aware of the opportunities in this field.

“When my school careers adviser asked what I wanted to do, and I said I wanted to be a mechanic, I was told to think about other options. Frankly, that was all the motivation I needed to pursue my dream. It’s easy to be influenced by others at that stage, but my advice for anyone who finds themselves being deflected from the career they want to explore is – don’t always go for the easiest route! If you have an affinity with a particular career, then have courage to follow your convictions.


Career Taking Shape

“From school I went on to North-East Scotland College, to undertake a mechanical qualification. It was exactly what I was hoping for, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Following that, my first port of call was to look for a job as a car mechanic, but I struggled to find an apprenticeship in this field. That’s when I thought about transferring my skills to the offshore energy industry and secured a Modern Apprenticeship with Weatherford. Combining a qualification with on-the-job experience is a route I’d thoroughly recommend to others, and it led me to ultimately remain with Weatherford for a decade.

“During that time, I progressed into pneumatic and hydraulic work, across a range of service lines, and also spent time working overseas, which in itself was a great experience. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I like a challenge, so after 10 years with Weatherford, I became an HGV mechanic for an agricultural company, going back to my initial interest in vehicle mechanics, before returning to the energy industry in my current position. My mechanical skills, my attention to detail and my communication skills are constantly put into practice in this role as Jetting Engineer, and really bring together everything I’ve learned so far.


A New Challenge

“Since joining AISUS, I’ve undertaken two offshore work scopes, which have not only seen me carry out my role as Jetting Engineer, but also assist my inspection colleague and therefore begin to get a real feel for how my expertise fits into the wider AISUS picture.

“We’re most definitely not a siloed company. We’re all very much aware of the part each other plays, and I find that my mechanical knowledge and experience can be applied in many ways. That’s something I get huge satisfaction from, and I’ve felt like a part of the team from the word go.


Women in STEM

“I’ve never labelled myself as a “woman in engineering” – I do what I do because I really enjoy it, get satisfaction from my work and have an aptitude – and surely that’s all that matters. I’ve frequently been the only woman in the workshop, but there’s no doubt that there has been a cultural shift since I began working, with more women choosing a “traditionally male” career – particularly within the energy industry.

“I’ve had no negative experiences and I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone, regardless of gender, to pursue the career of your choice. If you’re passionate about it, the chances are you’ll be good at it. And to enjoy your work every single day, as I do, is a real privilege.”


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