Decade of Dedication: Paul Celebrates His Engineering Service at AISUS


In the dynamic oil and gas industry, growth, and dedication often stand out and as we applaud Paul’s remarkable 10-year service at AISUS, he is a great example of this.

The Early Years:

Paul’s journey began with the influence of his dad’s career and dedication, along with the vast opportunities available within the oil and gas sector. This sparked Paul’s big aspirations from an early age.

As Paul approached the crucial decision-making point in his 5th year at school, he found himself filling out a form with Skills Development Scotland which opened doors to an apprenticeship, a pivotal moment that would shape his future.

Beginning his journey, Paul dived into the operational logistics side of the industry, attending college five days a week initially before transitioning into distance learning when offshore trips began. This set the foundation preparing him with hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge for the challenging industry ahead.

AISUS Calls:

In 2014, Paul joined AISUS as a level two inspection engineer. Redirecting into this role after his apprenticeship, was seen as a strategic move to set the groundwork towards higher achievements within an ambitious company. Over the years with AISUS, Paul has worked his way through various job titles, showcasing his dedication and skills.

Paul’s time at AISUS has been marked with professional achievements but also significant personal growth. He claims, “from my apprenticeship days to now, I have growth in confidence, by leading teams and acquiring supervisory skills”.

When asked about his five-year plan, Paul expresses a desire to continue his career development within AISUS. As the company experiences continual growth, he aspires to reach operational managerial positions or even become the head of a department.

“Dress for the job you want not for the job you have!”

Standout Highlights and Dynamic Teams:

Paul says his most notable highlight with AISUS has been “working abroad on incredible trips. Experiencing parts of the world I wouldn’t have seen outside of this job”.

The people at AISUS have also played a vital role in sculpting Paul’s experience. Being a part of the friendly team since the near establishment of AISUS, Paul has built lasting connections with colleagues who have made his journey memorable and enjoyable.

As AISUS congratulates Paul on his 10-year service, the future holds continued growth, adventures, and professional milestones. Paul’s journey is an inspiration to aspiring indivduals within the oil and gas industry, as it illustrates the rewards of a dedicated and driven mindset.

Wishing Paul more success and adventures to come with the AISUS team!


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