AISUS celebrates 5 successful years in business


5 years of pioneering inspection solutions.

AISUS is proud to celebrate 5 years of success as a pioneering remote inspection provider in the energy sector.

We would like to thank our customers for supporting our innovative inspection technology, and the highest levels of service, safety and quality that AISUS continues to bring to the industry, worldwide.

Founded in 2013, AISUS has demonstrated market leadership and expertise in remote visual and ultrasonic inspection technologies designed to solve key industry challenges. We have become recognised as a market leader, and continue to solve complex inspection challenges through bespoke technologies and competent personnel, ensuring efficiency, safety and quality in all of our project deliveries.

In the past 5 years we have:

  • Pioneered remote visual and ultrasonic inspection solutions which have been designed and manufactured in house
  • Become the first service provider to offer internal corrosion mapping above and below sea level for caissons and risers
  • Maintained 0 Lost Time Accidents and Incidents
  • Completed projects globally from the UK and mainland Europe, to the Caribbean Sea and the Middle East
  • Won the Northern Star Awards Overall Business of the Year award in 2017
  • Completed more than 150 inspection work scopes
  • Gathered more than 4,000 linear metres of corrosion mapping data
  • Collected over 100 million ultrasonic thickness readings

Mat Meredith, the Technical Directorof AISUS commented: “We are very proud of our achievements over the past 5 years, which would not have been possible without our skilled and dedicated team of Engineers and support staff. There are some exciting new challenges and opportunities ahead that we are looking forward to during the next phase of our growth and development.”


Click to view an infographic on AISUS 5 year milestones