Riding the Waves: AISUS Inspires the Next Generation in STEM


Diving into new depths, the subsea sector is experiencing exceptional growth, which is driving the demand for skilled professionals, to reach new heights beneath the waves. In the midst of expansion itself, AISUS, a dynamic inspection company, stands out not only for its commitment to innovation but also for its dedication to inspire and develop the younger generation in STEM fields.

AISUS provides an opportunity for the next generation seeking a career in the subsea sector. Actively promoting apprenticeships, AISUS recognises the importance of hands-on experience, by offering numerous apprenticeships each year – not only contributing to the growth of the industry, but also allowing the younger generation to develop their skills in STEM.

An inspiration for other young women contemplating careers in STEM, is Hayley, our jetting engineer. Her story demonstrates that passion, dedication and skills are what truly matter within this industry, clearly illustrating that gender should never be a barrier to pursuing a career you’re passionate about.

“I’ve never labelled myself as a ‘woman in engineering’ – I do what I do because I really enjoy it, get satisfaction from my work and have an aptitude – surely that’s all that matters. If you’re passionate about it, the chances are you’ll be good at it. And to enjoy your work every single day, as I do, is a real privilege.” Said Hayley.

AISUS’ team is both diverse and dynamic, composed of individuals with varied backgrounds and expertise. We take pride in the unique contributions each team member brings, in particular the data scientists, software development and sales team. Comprising of young professionals from different corners of the globe, they showcase the collaborative nature of the subsea sector.

Adding to the diversity of talent at AISUS, Hannah recently joined the team, transitioning from a fashion background to a marketing career within the underwater industry. Her pivotal career move emphasises the evolving nature of the subsea sector, welcoming individuals from diverse fields to contribute their skills and creativity.

Hannah’s background in fashion brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the corporate sector. Her creativity enhances the marketing efforts of AISUS, reflecting the company’s flexibility into the industry.

AISUS stands as a testament to expanding opportunities within the subsea sector, by promoting apprenticeships, encouraging diversity and embracing talents from diverse backgrounds.

We contribute to the growth of the industry but most importantly, we want to inspire the younger generation to pursue careers in STEM.