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AISUS’ smallest diameter ultrasonic inspection internal pipe scanner at just 75mm (3″) in diameter.

Tauri is AISUS’ smallest diameter UT inspection internal pipe scanner at just 75mm (3″) in diameter.

It can be used in fluid filled pipe or above water line using custom fitting gators, which have been developed to trap water and submerge the UT probe, allowing data capture above the water line.

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Stainless steel construction is highly corrosion resistant and easy to clean/decontaminate.

Electrically driven motors coupled to high precision planetary gearboxes.

Lightweight and extremely portable.

Can work in subsea and above water line (using gators to provide submersion of probe).

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Remotely controlled internally deployed ultrasonic thickness corrosion mapping tools.
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Scorpius is a remotely controlled Ultrasonic Thickness Corrosion Mapping tool, designed specifically with J-Tube inspection in mind.
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Hydrus is lightweight sampling tool that can be deployed by hand quickly and easily.