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SIRIUS® Series

A remotely controlled ultrasonic thickness corrosion mapping internal pipe inspection tool.

SIRIUS® series of tools have been designed to inspect pipe diameters from 14″ up to 60″ , with the motion of the tool controlled by class-leading motion control hardware, operated through our own sophisticated Inspection Software. At their highest mapping density, the SIRIUS® tools is capable of capturing UT thickness readings every 2mm, providing a highly detailed corrosion map which can be used for further analysis by our clients.

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Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping inspection pipe scanner.

Developed with a minimal cross-section to reduce hydrodynamic drag from the sea swell.

Wide range of operating diameters (14″ to 60″).

Electrically driven motors coupled to high precision planetary gearboxes.

Varying pipe diameters can be accommodated using a remotely adjustable, self-centring frame.

Remotely adjustable probe stand-off.

Corrosion mapping density from 2 x 2mm upwards.

Will gather UT corrosion mapping thickness data from above the waterline, through the splash zone, and subsea.

More Products

Scorpius product image 1


Scorpius is a remotely controlled Ultrasonic Thickness Corrosion Mapping tool, designed specifically with J-Tube inspection in mind.
Tauri product image 1


Tauri is AISUS’ smallest diameter UT inspection internal pipe scanner at just 75mm (3″) in diameter.
Hydrus product image 1


Hydrus is lightweight sampling tool that can be deployed by hand quickly and easily.