AISUS sees an increasing demand of J-Tube inspections across Subsea sector


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Continuing with our progressive expansion strategy, AISUS has seen an increase in demands for J-Tube inspection campaigns within the Subsea sector.

Experienced in delivering J-Tube inspection projects, AISUS holds a proven track record in delivering J-Tube inspection campaigns across the North Sea and Mediterranean, with future scopes acquired globally. The projects have seen us carry out a full service from high pressure cleaning, visual and ultrasonic inspection, internal gauging to messenger line retrieval and installation.

Andrew Mitchell, Business Development Manager of AISUS commented: “This is great news for the company as it continues to expand its service portfolio and growing its client base within the Subsea sector. Our capability to widely apply inspection solutions across applications and industries has created a major advantage for the business. With an ever increasing demand for J-Tube inspections, we will continue tailoring inspection solutions and developing new, innovative inspection systems.”

J-Tubes may have not been used since installation, so in order to become operational it is crucial that an in-depth internal inspection is carried out to rule out any integrity issues, ensuring successful future use. Due to the nature and structural configuration of J-tubes, a thorough internal inspection requires specialist tooling which can be deployed along the length of the pipe, through vertical, horizontal and bend sections. AISUS has the capability to both design and develop tailored tools based on individual client needs, and reconfigure existing tools to carry out challenging inspections.

Mat Meredith, Technical Director of AISUS said: “We have been investing heavily in new equipment and research & development in order to bring our innovative products and services to the market. Our J-Tube inspection system allows us to complete a gauging inspection simultaneously with remote visual inspection, removing the need to run tools and equipment multiple times through the J-Tube.”