Celebrating 10 Years of Engineering Excellence at Aisus


A decade has passed since Michael embarked on his journey into the world of engineering and today, we celebrate his remarkable 10-year career with AISUS.

Michael’s journey into engineering began during his school years. Gifted with a knack for mathematics and physics, he pursued his passion, enrolling in mechanical engineering at The University of Aberdeen. Encouragement and guidance also came from home, where Michael’s father was deeply involved in the field of engineering, and growing up in the energy rich region of the North East of Scotland, Michael could see firsthand the opportunities available within the sector.

Following graduation from University, Michael began his career as a Level 1 Field Engineer at AISUS, responsible for preparing equipment before mobilisation and working offshore as part of a team. It was a demanding job, but it laid the foundation for his esteemed career.

Over the past 10 years, Michael’s career at AISUS has seen remarkable growth. He’s climbed the ranks, advancing from a Level 1 Field Engineer to the prestigious position of Senior Field Engineer. In his current role, Michael leads teams offshore, overseeing and actively participating in work scopes, and responsible for compiling detailed inspection reports.

One of the standout highlights of Michael’s journey with AISUS is the extensive travel he has undertaken. His work has taken him to numerous countries across the globe, and as a self-professed lover of travel and an enthusiast for experiencing different cultures, Michael has embraced every opportunity to see the world, even when work beckons.

“The team at AISUS is fantastic, and I very much enjoy being a part of it. I get on well with everyone and am confident in their support and willingness to assist when necessary.” This sense of support within the team is a testament to the nurturing work environment at AISUS, fostering collaboration and growth.

Congratulations Michael and here’s to the next ten years of success and the adventures yet to come!